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View of Crystal Crag and the Mammoth Crest

Run the Sierras: Best Trail Runs near Mammoth Lakes, CA

Experience the grandeur of the Sierra Nevada mountains on this incredible selection of trail runs near Mammoth Lakes, California.

Trail Running Easy, Moderate, Difficult

View of Crystal Crag and the Mammoth Crest
View of Crystal Crag and the Mammoth Crest Photo: Don Graham


The town of Mammoth Lakes, California serves as the perfect access point to a veritable web of stunning singletrack trails climbing high into the rugged Sierra Nevada mountains. "With the surrounding Ansel Adams and John Muir wildernesses, Inyo National Forest, and BLM land, the region is a wide expanse of open space,” writes Monica Prelle. "Dirt roads and trails are ideal for running as far as one desires. And with a network of trails in the heart of town, one could run out the front door and find a variety of routes from paved trails to dirt singletrack.”

That’s exactly what you’ll find in this guidebook: a wide range of routes encompassing the easiest of beginner runs, out-the-door runs on nearby singletrack, and ambitious loops high in the mountains. Whatever your preference, you can discover your ideal trail running route here in Mammoth Lakes!

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