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Dog-Friendly Hikes near San Francisco

Hikers of all kinds, two-legged and four-legged alike, will love these trails in the Bay Area.

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With the number of dog owners in the Bay Area, it's a bit surprising that more of its trails aren't pet-friendly. Major outdoor destinations like Golden Gate National Recreation Area and the numerous state parks are very restrictive on dogs, so our four-legged hikers have trouble finding places to go. Luckily, there are tons of trails in the Bay Area, and plenty of them do allow dogs, you just have to know which ones. Here are a few of the best dog-friendly hikes near San Francisco.

Note that leash rules may be different in each place, so be sure to abide accordingly. Most parks with off-leash areas stipulate that dogs be under "sight and voice control," meaning they stay within sight and obey when called. A few parks also require an extra fee for doggy visitors, but it's never more than a few dollars. And no matter where you are, be sure to pick up after your pet and be courteous of others as always.

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