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Lake Tahoe, California, United States

Best Hikes in Lake Tahoe: Stunning Alpine Lake Views

Soak in views of Lake Tahoe’s sapphire-blue water on the best hiking trails in the region.

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Lake Tahoe, California, United States
Lake Tahoe, California, United States Photo: Giuseppe Milo


Lake Tahoe lays claim to the title of “largest alpine lake in North America,” according to Wikipedia. The massive body of vibrant-blue water is nestled below towering mountain ridges and peaks—a setting of pristine beauty. The incredible natural beauty of the area makes the entire Lake Tahoe region a huge tourism draw for the residents of California and beyond. Whether the season is summer or winter, or somewhere in between, you can find tons of outdoor activities to keep you busy in Lake Tahoe.

If your preferred outdoor sport is hiking, you can find exactly the type of hike you tend to enjoy here in the Tahoe region. The hikes in this guidebook offer challenging ascents of the tallest peaks in the region, more moderate hikes to alpine lakes, and even easy, not-at-all-challenging strolls through the woods at the lower elevations.

The most famous trail in the area is the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs from Mexico to Canada and skirts the ridge to the west of the lake. The second most famous trail is the 165-mile Tahoe Rim Trail which encircles the entire lake. A couple of key segments have been included in this guidebook, but for more information on the Tahoe Rim Trail, be sure to read the dedicated guidebook here on FATMAP.

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