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Winnemucca Lake

Summer Fun in Kirkwood, CA: Discover the Best Hikes

Kirkwood is best known for snow, but these trails in the surrounding mountains are reason to come back in summer.

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

Winnemucca Lake
Winnemucca Lake Photo: Jeff Moser


Maybe you’ve skied Kirkwood in the winter, when Thunder Mountain and the other peaks are cloaked in powdery Sierra snow. But the fun doesn’t have to stop when it melts. Blooming flowers, shimmering lakes, and dry trails beckon in the summer. Kirkwood’s place in the mountains between Tahoe and Yosemite make it a top-notch hiking destination, though it loses some attention to its more famous neighbors. That’s perfect if you seek less-traveled trails and more peaceful summits.

To explore the national forest and wilderness lands that surround Kirkwood, start with these 6 choice hikes. You’ll discover resplendent meadows, secluded swimming holes, and lofty summits. The trails range from short and sweet to long and challenging, so you can choose your perfect adventure. The mountains are calling!

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