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Best Greenway Paths for Running in Denver

Escape from the stresses of urban life on Denver's beautiful long-distance greenway paths.

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South Platte River Greenway
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Denver, Colorado, is globally renowned for its access to the towering Rocky Mountains—one of the world's most iconic mountain ranges in the world. The Rockies are home to endless adventure for every mountain sport imaginable! However, when you first arrive at the Denver Airport, you'll realize that not only is the airport located way out in the Great Plains, but the entire city of Denver is more accurately classified as a plains city than a mountain town. Consequently, getting out of the city and into the mountains for an adventure can be a major undertaking, especially if you're competing with the rest of Denver's 3 million residents who all have the same idea every weekend.

Thankfully, even in the high plains that Denver and its suburbs call home, there are many opportunities to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a pleasant run in nature. The metro area is bisected by an astounding number of long-distance greenway paths following the myriad creeks, rivers, and canals that once irrigated the agricultural lands before they were developed and turned into the city that you see today. These long-distance trails provide fantastic recreational opportunities for millions of the city's inhabitants to enjoy a welcome dose of nature, thanks to many access points just minutes from the front door. They're the perfect spot for your next long run.

Whether you want to run 5 miles or 50, Denver's greenway paths have plenty of miles to keep you entertained!

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