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Run the Rockies: Best Trails in Rocky Mountain NP

The must-run trails in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

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Colorado’s mountains are a giant playground for trail runners, with quality trails and worthy challenges all over the state. You don’t have to enter Rocky Mountain National Park to get an inspiring run in the Rockies, but the trails here are simply legendary. If you seek to add national park trails to your running repertoire, Rocky Mountain is not to be missed.

With iconic names like Longs Peak, Lumpy Ridge, Twin Sisters, and the Continental Divide Trail, the park is an undisputed mecca for trail runners. Of course, its extreme popularity with all sorts of outdoor enthusiasts means that some areas get quite busy. The good news is, as a runner, you shouldn’t have an issue going faster and farther to escape the crowds. Just get as early of a start as possible to avoid congestion around the trailheads. If you want to go for speed, and not worry about slowing down for hikers, weekdays during the off seasons are your best chances for wide-open trails.

So, while it’s true that the park’s popularity can be a downside for runners, that’s no reason to skip over this unbeatable destination. There’s no better place in Colorado for a wealth of foot-travel-only trails, with short and long-distance backcountry routes, and uninterrupted miles along the Continental Divide.

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