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A mountain biker uses the Jake and Bull Trail System

The Best Off-Road Biking in Dahlonega, GA

Explore singletrack trails and gravel roads in the Appalachian Mountains above Dahlonega, Georgia.

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A mountain biker uses the Jake and Bull Trail System
A mountain biker uses the Jake and Bull Trail System Photo: ChattOconeeNF


Dahlonega, Georgia, is best known as the town closest to the southern terminus of the famed Appalachian Trail. The AT may just be the most famous trail in the world, with thousands of hikers attempting to thru-hike it in its entirety every year.

While Dahlonega is first and foremost a hiker town, the beautiful Appalachian Mountains also offer superb opportunities for cyclists seeking to leave the traffic behind and head off the pavement, deep into the forest. The best singletrack mountain biking in the area is found in the nearby Bull and Jake Mountain Trail System, with a myriad of possible ride combinations available. But if you’d prefer to pedal gravel roads instead of trails, the options quickly become limitless!

Two of the best-known routes near Dahlonega are the Winding Stair Loop and the Noontootla Loop, a longer version of Winding Stair. But after exploring the best-known options, you’ll soon find yourself pulling out maps and planning your own gravel routes heading deep into the rugged mountains. The only limit to the intriguing routes you can create with a gravel bike is your imagination!

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