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As the sport of mountain biking has matured over the years, the advent of purpose-built mountain bike trails and advances in trail design have led to new mountain bike trails that are better than ever before! Flow trails that are perfectly optimized for bikes offer a kinesthetic experience that’s guaranteed to trigger a two-wheeled flow state. And even the new school technical trails are better than ever before: drops with well-built landings, big jumps, burly rock gardens… purpose-built mountain bike trails don’t have to be easy!

Despite the advances in trail building, many of the original mountain bike trails that have been around for decades, or even before the mountain bike was invented, continue to lure riders back year after year. Some mountain bikers are still pedaling the same singletrack trails and slabs of slickrock that they were riding 40 years ago!

In this guidebook, you’ll find a wide selection of classic mountain bike trails across the United States that continue to bring riders back over and over again, for decades on end. Highlights on this list include the iconic Tsali loops in North Carolina, Slickrock in Moab, Demo Forest near Santa Cruz, the Flume Trail in Tahoe, Captain Jack’s in Colorado Springs, and so, so many more.

In many ways, the trails in this guidebook have helped shape the sport of mountain biking. From inspiring the first suspension fork, to defining what an “epic” ride is, these rides were foundational for our sport, and they still continue to deliver superb mountain biking experiences even today.

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