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Riding the famed Hiline Trail. Rider: Greg Heil

Riding the Red Rocks: Sedona Mountain Biking

Sedona, Arizona is home to some of the best desert mountain biking in the world. Discover the best routes here!

Mountain Biking Difficult, Severe, Extreme

Riding the famed Hiline Trail. Rider: Greg Heil
Riding the famed Hiline Trail. Rider: Greg Heil Photo: Marcel Slootheer


Sedona, Arizona’s towering red rock cliffs and mystical vortices are famous around the world, making it a premier desert destination for spiritual types and adventurers alike. If you’re heading to Red Rock Country for the adventure more than the spiritual element, you’ll find all manner of options here in Sedona. From rock climbing to mountain biking to hiking, Sedona is one of the best places to adventure in the Desert Southwest.

In this guidebook, you’ll find the top-recommended mountain bike routes in this incredible desert riding destination. While these routes are undoubtedly biased toward the advanced rider, that bias is due to the incredible technical difficulty that you’ll find on almost every trail in Sedona. Sedona is filled with rocks, rocks, and more rocks, and every mile that you pedal here is hard-earned. Don’t expect your riding trip to Sedona to be easy, but do expect it to be extremely rewarding!

To dip your toes into Sedona mountain biking, begin with the Chuckwagon Loop for a mix of slickrock and singletrack paired with fantastic views! For a true Sedona classic, you absolutely have to ride the Hiline Loop on your trip... but be forewarned, it does rate an "Extreme" FATMAP rating. Finally, for a true Sedona challenge, head to the Hangover Loop for extreme exposure, extreme technical challenge, and extreme views.

You'll find these routes and more right here in this guidebook!

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