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Bomb 4 of the Gnarliest MTB Trails in the Phoenix Metro

Shred four of the very best technical mountain bike descents in the Phoenix Metro Area.

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Photo: Greg Heil


The mountain bike scene in the Phoenix Metro Area is as diverse as it is geographically dispersed. All around the outskirts of this sprawling metropolis you’ll discover singletrack riding of all types, from lengthy, flowy cross country trails to steep, technical test pieces.

In this guidebook we’ve rounded up four of the very best technical descents in the greater Phoenix area. South Mountain, the epicenter of Phoenix tech riding, is represented with a stellar loop anchored by the Geronimo Trail. But there’s much more in the way of technical singletrack to be explored in that network.

While the McDowell area is better known for extensive cross country trails, the Windgate Pass to Bell Pass Loop provides all the flavor of a true technical mountain ride, but found right on the outskirts of Phoenix.

One of the newest trails built in the Phoenix Metro Area is quickly becoming known as one of the rowdiest descents in the region! The Sunset Ridge Trail is filled with big hucks and massive rock gardens along an aesthetic ridgeline.

And finally, White Tank rounds out the list with some of the most technical and most remote trails around. Thanks to the rare remoteness (by Phoenix standards), the White Tank Mountain Regional Park is also one of the most beautiful and underrated gems in the region!

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