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Sandy Ridge Trail System
Sandy Ridge Trail System
Sandy Ridge Trail System Photo: Photo by Leslie Kehmeier, Mapping Manager, International Mountain Bicycling Association, courtesy of the BLM


With thousands of miles of sublime singletrack spread across the nation, attempting to choose the 10 absolute best mountain bike trails in a country as massive as the United States of America is an exercise in futility. Even trying to narrow down the list of towns to the 10 best destinations is so difficult that mountain bike journalists continue to write new articles and lists every single year. So while these 10 trails could all vie for a spot on the list of the best trails in the nation, I’m going to merely claim that these are all “must-ride” trails that you have to put on your todo list. Like, right now.

With this top 10 list, I aimed for geographic diversity but without sacrificing ride quality. On this list, you’ll find trails from all four corners of the lower 48 states and even a trail in the Midwest, of all places. Of course, most of this list is naturally anchored in the Western USA, but that’s for a good reason: it’s tough to compete with the scale and the caliber of the superb mountain biking in the Rocky Mountains!

And yet, diversity still reigns. These trail selections serve up dry, rocky desert riding on the Hiline trail in Sedona, Arizona. Endless alpine views from the Monarch Crest Trail in Salida, Colorado. Lush rainforest jump lines at Galbraith Mountain in Bellingham, Washington. And so, so much more!

Whatever your preferred flavor of riding and whichever corner of the nation you choose to visit, dive into this list to discover your next world-class must-do mountain bike ride!

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