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Spectacular Day Hikes on Kaua'i

Explore the natural wonders of Hawaii's "Garden Isle"

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Mahaulepu Heritage Trail: Shipwreck Beach to Punahoa Point
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The 4th largest of the Hawaiian islands, Kauai is densely packed with remarkable landscapes, from lush, dense forests to deep canyons and, of course, the legendary beaches and surf waves for which the island is so famous.

Kauai is believed to be the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain, and its natural landscapes - formed over millions of years - are utterly mesmerizing. From the huge sea cliffs which tower over the Napali Coast to the rich colours of Waimea Canyon (widely known as the "Grand Canyon of the Pacific") and the rivers which run from the mighty Mount Wai'ale'ale, hiking on Kauai is an assault on the senses. Parts of the island are incredibly lush, and Mount Wai'ale'ale is rumoured to be the wettest place on Earth, although there is some dispute about how that's calculated. Whether it's the wettest spot on the planet, or just somewhere that gets plenty of rain (!) it's a wild peak on an equally wild island.

In this guidebook, you'll find a variety of hikes through Kauai's diverse terrain. We've got coastal strolls, summit hikes and trips to the volcanic canyons which line the island's interior. It's a remarkably varied set of hikes, in keeping with Kauai's extraordinary geographical splendour.

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