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Hiking and Running in the Ossipee Mountain Range

Discover the underestimated beauty of the Ossipee Mountain Range on foot and earn some of the most amazing views of Lake Winnipesaukee.

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The Ossipee Mountain Range is situated north of Lake Winnipesaukee, east of Squam Lake, and south of the Sandwich Mountain Range in the US state of New Hampshire. The range is the circular remnant of a 125 million-year-old volcano.

For locals, the Ossipees are one of the main outdoor destinations, and once you get into them, you quickly realize why. The range can be popular in the summer, but it has somehow remained incredibly remote. You can easily find yourself alone on hikes for hours without even hearing another person. This comes at the cost of possible overgrowth, but that is a small price to pay for true peace out in the mountains.

Take a look at these routes and get to know the Ossipees a bit better. These routes aim to go beyond the popular spots (like Bald Knob and Mount Roberts) and get you out into some of the best mountains in the area.

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