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A Godmother couloir in the Narvik area - this is an 1100 vertical meter descent in a very special place

Ski Touring Severe

9.6 km
1.3 km
1.3 km
5-6 hrs
Low Point
0 m
High Point
1.2 km
Gagnesrenna Map

This is an amazing couloir in Skjomen fjord near Narvik. This line is an experience best done when snow conditions all the way to the fjord are good. The route to the top of the line is rather mellow but in the beginning you will be exposed to the slope above you which is avalanche prone. Follow the gravel/maintenance road to the treeline.


At the treeline gently make your way up to the valley and start heading more towards north. Once you reach the elevation roughly 1200m you can change to your equipment here. Glide towards to entry point of the couloir.

Once at the entry, check conditions. There are big cornices hanging right next to the slope so you will need a cold day to do the line.

If it's good, drop in and ride the first section - a steep open slope towards the dogleg. This is nice experience if the snow is good.

When you reach the dog leg you are entering a big world surrounded by massive walls on both sides. The descent here is not difficult but snow conditions must be stable because you are exposed from all directions.

After around 3/4 of the couloir you will come to the choke. This is often icy so bringing rope, ice axe and crampons is recommended for this part. If you're lucky you can also ride down.

After the choke there are rocks and cliffs in the fall line. If the snow is good you can make your way down the left hand side of the couloir above the cliffs.

A note especially for regular footed snowboarders - be aware that you will be on your heel edge for most of this part and need to be on point. It's easy riding but if conditions are variable and you can lose edge control here.

After clearing thissection you will come to the end of the couloir. Here you will most likely experience old avalanche debris which is big and hard. Take it easy. Don't ride fast here even if snow feels nice because there is most likely going to be hard chunks of snow.

Make your way down towards skiers right handside of the fjord. Walk back to your starting point and be happy - you just did one of the most aesthetic couloirs in Narvik area!



Steep skiing at 38-45 degrees. This requires very good technique and the risk of falling has serious consequences.

Medium Exposure (E2)

2 out of 4

As well as the slope itself, there are some obstacles (such as rock outcrops) which could aggravate injury.


2 out of 4

Away from help but easily accessed.

Best time to visit

between January and April


  • Face
  • Alpine
  • Couloir

Equipment required

  • Rope
  • Skins
  • Ice axe
  • Crampons

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