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Crystal Peak Northside / Hike out



North Chute off the Summit of Crystal Peak

Ski Touring Extreme

2.7 km
213 m
632 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
3.7 km
High Point
4.2 km
Crystal Peak Northside / Hike out Map

This line can be accessed several ways but the two routes we show are from Spruce Creek Trailhead and Breckenridge Ski Area. Spruce Creek Trailhead, you will follow the downhill route for Crystal Peak's East Face. Ascending this route is pretty simple except when you get to the bottom of the East Face simply hike to the looker's right. From there, you will gain the ridge to the summit of Crystal Peak. Depending on your skinning ability, you may be able to skin to the Summit. You will have to use a shuttle for this particular route. You will park the shuttle at the Spruce Creek Trailhead. Starting at Breckenridge Ski Area, you will use the same route starting at Twin Chutes Hike to Area off the Mercury Chair. Follow the Twin Chutes Hike to the Peak 9/10 Summit Hike. If this is your first time on this route, its recommended that you summit Peak 10 first to see the remaining route over to the Summit of Crystal Peak. Once you are ready to leave the Summit of 10, rip skins and downhill traverse the ridge to the saddle between 10 and Crystal. Now you will follow the ridge up the summit of Crystal Peak. You can also leave your skins on the entire time if you would like.


Now at the Summit of Crystal Peak, the only route to descend into the chute starts skier's left on the small open snow field. Use caution on this little face, and start to look for the entrance to your skier's right. As your enter into the chute, it can be thin with high exposure. Once you make it into the chute, you enjoy nice steep turns all the way to the bottom. Follow the exit out to hike the saddle and back to Breckenridge Ski Area. If you are shuttling at Spruce Creek, and have the energy, then you will have to hike back to the Summit of Peak 10. You will follow the same skin you used from the skin area to access the summit, and ski the South Face out to the bottom. Follow the exit route out under Herb's Bowl to the Spruce Creek Trailhead. It all funnels into one trail eventually to the bottom.



Extreme skiing terrain above 45 degrees. These routes are reserved for experienced experts.

High Exposure (E3)

3 out of 4

In case of a fall, death is highly likely.


4 out of 4

In the high mountains or remote conditions, all individuals must be completely autonomous in every situation.


  • Trees
  • Cliffs
  • Walk Required

Equipment required

  • Skins
  • Crampons

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