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Crystal Butte

A quiet out-and-back run with unparalleled views of Jackson and the Teton Mountains.

Trail Running Difficult

9.8 km
688 m
688 m
1-2 hrs
Low Point
2 km
High Point
2.6 km
Crystal Butte Map

The Crystal Butte Trail is a local favorite that has gained popularity in recent years. An out-and-back run, you'll be rewarded with impeccable views of the Teton Mountains and Jackson. Adventurer Dina Mishev, a long-time local of Jackson, claims the views atop Crystal Butte rival those of Snow King, but without the crowd.


The flexibility of this run is what makes it great. While the best views present themselves about two miles up, the trail continues for another mile or so with no set ending. During the summer, you'll find an abundance of wildflowers, plus you're likely to see wildlife around dusk and dawn.

For extra miles, many runners incorporate Crystal Butte into a longer loop with the Putt Putt Trail. The run is also accessible from Snow King both by singletrack or by simply running the road or sidewalk to the trailhead.

As mapped, begin at the trailhead on Cache Creek Drive, just a few minutes southeast of town. The lower portion of the run follows the Putt Putt Trail, which is also quite popular among mountain bikers. Between 5 and 10 minutes in, a well-marked intersection will guide you onto the Crystal Butte Trail. From here, you'll be in the Gros Ventre Wilderness where you'll likely only encounter a handful of people—if any at all. Bikes are also prohibited past this point.

The entire run is on singletrack and steep by most standards. Some runners and hikers may opt to use trekking poles, though it's completely up to you. Its difficulty also leads many novice hikers and runners to Snow King, where wide, groomed paths offer an easier alternative.

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Medium Exposure

2 out of 4

The trail contains some obstacles such as outcroppings and rock which could cause injury.


2 out of 4

Away from help but easily accessed.

Best time to visit

between May and October

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