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The Top Mountain Biking Trails Hidden in Vienna's Woods

For a dose of nature and adrenaline at the same time, head out for a mountain bike in Vienna's woods.

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Wiesn - Trail


Forested hills surround Vienna, and within them lies a plethora of trails that are prime for mountain biking. From casual country roads to expert-only downhill, the Vienna Woods (Wienerwald) hold a treat for every type of rider.

Consequently, mountain biking is a popular pastime, and the trails are often shared with hikers as well. To ensure sustainable access for everyone, bikers must follow the Fair Play Rules of the Vienna Woods. These include basic etiquette such as remaining on marked trails and riding only during approved times. Times vary by month, and mountain biking is only allowed from March to October.

The following trails are a sample of what the Woods have to offer. All are accessible from the city either by pedaling or by public transportation, so you’ve no excuse not to exit the city and exercise in the hills of the countryside.

Kahlenbergerdorf Route - A challenging ride that links many highlights of Vienna–the Danube River, overlooks atop the Kahlenberg, historic architecture, forest restaurants, and countryside wine taverns.

Babenberger Route - Less busy and less challenging than the Kahlenbergerdorf Route, but with some of the same scenery, plus many places to stop and enjoy Viennese cuisine.

Hameau Route - A thrilling, hilly route with both shaded forest and panoramic meadows.

Trailpark Weidlingbach - A maintained park that makes a destination all its own, but is also reached from other trails in the Vienna Woods. Top trails in the park include Flow Line and Fun Line.

Wurzel Trail - Named for the numerous tree roots you must navigate on this technical downhill ride.

Schottenhof Route - Quick ride with a variety of scenery in the countryside, and good for all skill levels.

Millenium Route - A long and varied loop that can be linked with laps at Hohe Wand Wiese Trailpark.

Wiesn Trail - A ride for intermediate bikers to test their skills, adjacent to Hohe Wand Wiese and accessible from inside or outside of the park.

Hirschengarten Route - A long route with lots of climbs and descents, linking several small towns and the Wienerwald.

Troppberg Route I - An endurance ride that goes far into the countryside, remote but not without welcoming stops for nourishment.

Troppberg Route III - Another endurance ride linking small towns, through forest and fields among rolling hills.

Dambach Route - An easy, family-friendly loop featuring a hilltop viewing tower and a nature park with wildlife.

Lainzer Tiergarten Route - A challenging, technical ride with a lot of variety in the trail, plus fun distractions along the way, like a wildlife preserve and a scaled map of the planets of the solar system.

Parapluie Route - A highly scenic and varied tour of the Vienna Woods including a nature park, panoramas over the city, taverns and guesthouses, and exciting riding on forest roads and trails.

Kaltenleutgeben Route - An easy route featuring many highlights of the Vienna Woods, plus particularly tempting stops for food and drink.

Doktorberg Route - A family-friendly loop from the Wiener Hütte Restaurant featuring diverse nature, playgrounds, and viewpoints.

Harzberg Route - A challenging route that ventures deep into the woods, and finishes at a relaxing thermal spa.

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