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The dramatic Finstertaler reservoir.

3 Gorgeous Mountain Hikes near Munich

If you're in Munich and are in need of a one day mountain hit, these are the hikes for you.

Hiking Moderate, Difficult

The dramatic Finstertaler reservoir.
The dramatic Finstertaler reservoir. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


There aren't many cities in the world where you enjoy great food, modern culture and high mountain hikes on any given day but Munich is one of the select few.

All of these hikes lie within a couple of hours of Munich city centre and all 3 will provide you with a mountain fix without needing a night away. The 3 lakes hike around Seefeld is the easiest of the routes but none are particularly taxing. Best of all, they all take you through some epic mountain scenery and feature numerous mountain huts where you can replenish any lost calories before the drive back to Bavaria!

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