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Skip Banff: 6 of the Best MTB Trails in Canmore

Explore the best mountain bike destination that Alberta has to offer!

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Extreme

Photo: CNC Canmore


“Banff, Banff, Banff…” the name of Alberta’s most famous mountain destination is on the lips of tourists from around the globe. Not only is it the most renowned destination in Alberta, but Banff is hands-down one of the top mountain destinations worldwide, thanks to the stunning peaks of the Canadian Rockies that hem in the small town.

But if you’re a mountain biker, Banff doesn’t have a ton to offer. Sure, there are a few decent trails to ride, but mountain bikers in the know stop a few miles before they get to Banff, in the town of Canmore.

While the mountain views from Canmore might not be quite as epic as nearby Banff, compared to most places in the world, the vistas are still mind-blowing. With most of the tourists heading to Banff instead, downtown Canmore, while still quite touristy, manages to give off a locals vibe. Laidback restaurants and bars beckon riders after a long ride in the mountains, and several bike shops will provide you with both parts and service to keep your rig rolling.

But most importantly, the trail network around Canmore is vast and diverse! What are you looking to ride—one of the best flow trails on the continent? Endless cross country trails at the Nordic Centre? Technical backcountry epics? Or maybe a double black diamond shred down an exposed slab of bedrock on a mountainside? Canmore offers all this, and so much more!

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