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Rider: Martin Soederstroem.

Go Big or Go Home: Whistler's Iconic Jump Trails

Learn all about the jump trails that earned Whistler Bike Park its international fame in this guidebook.

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Rider: Martin Soederstroem.
Rider: Martin Soederstroem. Photo: Jay French / Red Bull Content Pool.


Whistler Bike Park is famous worldwide as one of the best downhill mountain bike parks in the world, and that renown is primarily due to its epic jump trails. While yes, the park does offer tons of tech lines and flowy beginner trails, the jump lines are hands-down the most popular trails in the park. For many riders, the massive tabletop jumps with huge lips and lengthy landings are the only reason that they come to Whistler.

Of all the jump trails in Whistler, A-Line is the most famous. "You’ll see swarms of A-Line addicts boosting the trail’s endless tabletops all day long just like you see Squaw Valley locals hot-lapping KT-22 until their knees fall off,” writes Ryan Dunfee of Teton Gravity.

But Whistler offers more than just A-Line. Crank It Up provides a more intermediate-friendly series of tabletops, whereas Freight Train demands even more focus than A-Line. On the more extreme end of the spectrum, Dirt Merchant has recently been transformed from a black diamond jump trail into a run that’s almost pros-only, and Crabapple Hits is even bigger.

However big you want to send it, Whistler has a jump run for you!

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