Whistler: The King of Downhill Mountain Bike Parks

Whistler Mountain Bike Park reigns as the undisputed king of downhill mountain biking. Come see what all the hype's about!

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The Whistler Mountain Bike Park reigns as the undisputed king of downhill mountain biking. In many ways, this dominance began in the early days of mountain biking. While the trails in the park began as gnarly tech lines, along the way Whistler essentially invented the purpose-built flow trail—a trail building technique that has since spread around the world.

Part of Whistler's dominance can be credited to the never-ending series of races and competitions that the mountain has played host to over the decades—most notably Crankworx, which has since turned into a global phenomenon. Now, the massive crowds that flood Whistler ever year to attend Crankworx make that week in August the single busiest week of the calendar year—an impressive feat for a long-standing winter destination.

Unwilling to rest on their laurels, Whistler has continued to expand the trail offerings in the bike park. Top of the World—an epic, half-day descent from the very top of the Peak Zone—made headlines several years ago when it opened. Most recently, Whistler began construction of a series of lengthy descents in the deep, dark forests of the Creek Zone in 2018, continuing the new trail openings on that side of the mountain in 2019.

Whether you want to run massive jump lines on A-Line, Dirt Merchant, and the like, or you want to challenge yourself on gnarly tech descents like Schleyer, or if you just prefer to rip a never-ending series of berms on Elixir and Insomnia, the Whistler Bike Park has something for you!

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