Scenic Ski Tours From the Guy Hut

Explore the wild and beautiful mountains surrounding the remote Guy Hut.

Ski Touring Difficult

Skinning back to the hut with Mounts Gordon and Balfour behind
Skinning back to the hut with Mounts Gordon and Balfour behind Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Perched on a broad col, midway along a remote ridge in the middle of the Wapta Icefield, the Guy Hut is a fabulous place to head for a few days of mountain solitude. Getting to the hut in a single day from any road is a major undertaking, and most parties take 2 days to approach it (stopping at another hut en route) such is its remoteness.

Once established at the hut, you're surrounded by massive scenery and endless ski touring potential. In this guidebook we've got 4 tours but - as you'll see when you scan the panorama from the hut dining room - there's enough touring to keep you going for several weeks - at least. The mellow slopes between Arête Peak and Isolation Peak would be sufficient on their own for one of those weeks!

Closer to the hut there are shorter options like Yoho Peak (described in this guidebook) and - if you want even less commitment - the slopes just below and to the west of the hut are fun for a few laps. If you're looking for bigger objectives then our routes on Mount Collie and Mount des Poilus should fit the bill.

Whether you're looking for full day tours or little hits in between coffees, the Guy Hut is a fabulous place from which to ski tour!

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