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Beautiful autumn colours from the Dam

Tough Rides, Massive Views : Road Bike Chamonix

4 scenic - but tough - rides which will take you the length and breadth of the legendary Chamonix Valley.

Road Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Beautiful autumn colours from the Dam
Beautiful autumn colours from the Dam Photo: Fabrice Le Coq


If there's one thing Chamonix does well, it's challenges. Whether it's climbing a peak, skiing a steep line, riding some technical singletrack or pushing yourself to the limits on the valley's roads, Chamonix has a way of taking you out of your comfort zone.

These 4 road rides will give you a thorough introduction to what Chamonix biking is all about, and you won't be surprised to hear that it's tough! We've included the most popular local time trial here (M.B.C. to the Col des Montets) and its tougher big brother; the trip up to the Émosson Dam. Elsewhere in here you'll find our own version of "MTV Cribs" in the form of a ride we've called "The Hollywood Hills". If you've ever wondered where the wealthiest Chamonix residents live, that ride - which takes you to some of the valley's most exclusive neighbourhoods - will provide an answer. The final ride listed is the trip from Chamonix to Mégève, a ride which is tough in both directions but offers endless views and countless opportunities to stop for coffee.

This is only a snapshot of Chamonix biking and, as with just about everything they turn their hands to, the locals have some pretty extreme challenges for you if these 4 rides haven't satisfied your appetite. The biggest challenge of all is the Tour Du Mont Blanc - a complete loop around the Mont Blanc Massif which requires you to cover 330km, and 8000 vertical metres!

For us mere mortals, the 4 rides listed in this guidebook should provide enough of a challenge but, as with every sport practised in Chamonix, remember that there's always someone pushing things that bit further!

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