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On the initial climb away from civilisation

Sick Lines and Sunshine : Ride Bikepark Serre Chevalier

6 awesome routes - from an easy cruise to an Enduro epic - to show you best of a legendary mountain.

Mountain Biking Moderate, Difficult, Severe

On the initial climb away from civilisation
On the initial climb away from civilisation Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With 300 days of sunshine per year, high and wild mountains, a huge lift system and some charming alpine villages, Serre Chevalier is one of the finest bike destinations in Europe.

This guidebook showcases the best of the Serre Chevalier bikepark, which is extensive, reasonably priced and enjoys wonderful views. You'll find a variety of lines in here, from an easy flow trail that winds down through peaceful forests and the occasional marmot hole, through to a big adventure out into the wilds of the Ecrins. All the routes here involve some element of technical riding but none are cutting edge, and all should be doable for intermediate/advanced bikers. There are only 2 routes in here which require any uphill effort on your part and of those only 1 of them actually demands you to put in a "real" shift! As such, this is a guidebook for those who like riding downhill more than those who like going up!

Serre Chevalier lies on the edge of the truly wild Ecrins National Park so once you've ticked these lines, you won't be short of more adventurous options a little further from the relative safety of the bikepark....!

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