The Ecrins Haute Route: France's Wildest Ski Tour

A wild tour in France's most untamed and inaccessible mountain range.

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Also in Isère, France

La Grave, the starting point for the tour.
La Grave, the starting point for the tour. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Make no mistake about it - this is a long, serious and "out-there" ski tour. To complete it you'll need skill, experience, good weather and a solid team to ski with. However (as with all difficult mountain endeavours) the rewards when the stars align are more than worth the effort you put in.

The Ecrins mountains are the domain of the true ski mountaineer and (unlike most of the French Alps) have been left wild, and free of sprawling ski resorts. The peaks are high and aesthetic and anyone who puts in the effort to wait for a weather window, plan and then execute this tour will be handsomely rewarded by a true mountains adventure.

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