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On the final ascent to the Refuge de la Blanche

Peaceful Ski Touring: The Traverse of the Queyras

4 days through a little known and rarely visited part of the southern French Alps, this tour is a hidden gem!

Ski Touring Difficult

Also in Hautes-Alpes, France

On the final ascent to the Refuge de la Blanche
On the final ascent to the Refuge de la Blanche Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Ask skiers to name the finest ski touring regions in France and they will likely list Chamonix, the Ecrins, the 3 Valleys and other well known Massifs. One name that would be unlikely to come up is the Queyras - a rural pocket of mountains on the Franco/Italian border. The fact that the Queyras are so little known is a blessing for those who are aware of them because they have fabulous ski terrain and welcoming mountain huts. Furthermore there are no glaciers in the region so the stress of glacier travel and all the kit that it requires are absent, which makes a refreshing change and certainly lightens your bag by a few kilos.

This trip involves 3 days of traversing the Queyras range, and an optional fourth day - a single day trip around a major Queyras peak starting and finishing at the Refuge Agnel.

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