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Col du Grand Méan

Sunny and Wild : Traverse the Haute Maurienne on Skis

An immaculate 6 day ski crossing of a peaceful Massif which is little known to non-locals.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Turin, Italy

Col du Grand Méan
Col du Grand Méan Photo: Loin des yeux


Amongst the many Massifs of the French Alps, the Haute Maurienne is one of the least known. There are several reasons for this - it isn't home to any World-famous peaks and it can only be accessed via long drives to relatively small towns; it's not the sort of place you'd ever stumble across or hear about in the mountain media. This is all good news for the select few ski tourers who know about the area because it means that the Massif is wonderfully peaceful and free of crowds.

This tour is the classic 6 day traverse of the region and takes you over some wild peaks which demand respect, and between a collection of wonderful, rustic mountain huts. Some of the days on the traverse require good weather to be safe but fortunately the Haute Maurienne enjoys more sunny days than most parts of the French Alps and so you're likely to find a few weather windows every Spring.

Having completed this tour a logical next step lies just to the south - the Ecrins Haute Route. The mountains are equally wild as in the Maurienne but even higher, and the huts largely unmanned. It's a pretty beefy trip but highly recommended after completing the traverse of the Maurienne -


If you've done both trips, you've had a pretty good ski touring season!

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