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Combe des Roches

Escape the Crowds : 5 Gorgeous Ski Tours from Courchevel

5 exceptional ski tours which quickly take you away from the hustle and bustle of Courchevel's pistes and into beautiful, wild mountains.

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Combe des Roches
Combe des Roches Photo: www.offpisteskiing.com


Being the focal point of the World's largest commercial ski area means that Courchevel - which is split into a series of separate villages - is a bustling place, full of skiers of all shapes and sizes. The lift system at Courchevel is fabulous and the area is deserving of its reputation as the finest piste skiing destination on Earth. For freeriders and ski tourers the area also has much to offer and this guidebook contains 5 superb ski tours, all starting from Courhevel and with 3 of them finishing back there, and the other 2 taking you over a ridge and into the peaceful village of Pralognan.

4 of the tours listed here begin in the lift system, specifically at the top of the Charossa and Roc Merlet lifts, and one enters the Les Avals valley from just south-east of Courchevel 1650. None of the tours are too technical and none go onto any glaciers, so these are nice tours for intermediate skiers looking to build some experience. That said, they all go through some serious spots and skiers attempting them need to be skilled and experienced in moving through avalanche terrain.

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