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looking up to the Col de la Grande Casse from the descent.

The Vanoise Circuit : France's Best Hut to Hut Ski Tour

It's a big claim but this could be the finest multi-day ski adventure in the Alps!

Ski Touring Easy, Moderate, Difficult

looking up to the Col de la Grande Casse from the descent.
looking up to the Col de la Grande Casse from the descent. Photo: Jonny Baird IFMGA


Before you scoff at the headline of this guidebook, consider what the Vanoise Circuit entails - truly World-class ski terrain, beautiful and traditional mountain huts, plus some of the best and most unusual scenery you'll find anywhere. Other hut to hut ski tours might have some or all of those things, but are any of them superior to the Vanoise in all 3 areas? Perhaps not, but we recommend you to ski this tour before coming to any firm conclusions!

The tour starts from the small town of Pralognan-la-Vanoise, which is the last major settlement before human civilisation gives way to the wilds of the Vanoise National Park. From Pralognan-la-Vanoise lies 5 days of adventurous and, at times, serious ski touring reserved only for those with a bit of mileage under their belts and the ability to handle themselves in big terrain and changeable conditions. Suffice to say, this is not an ideal tour for those starting out on their ski touring careers - it's a trip for tourers who have served their apprenticeship and are reaping the rewards of doing so.

Before embarking on this trip it's well advised to spend a day or 2 exploring the 3 Valleys area and getting a feel for the snow conditions. With that in mind, check out our guidebook to Courchevel's finest day tours -


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