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The final ascent to the col.

The Finest Ski Tours above Les Contamines

Epic views and great skiing in wild mountains close to Chamonix.

Ski Touring Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Severe

Also in Haute-Savoie, France

The final ascent to the col.
The final ascent to the col. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Les Contamines is close to Chamonix but couldn't feel much more different. The mountains are huge, of course, but the village feels quiet and the mountains are almost deserted at times - a stark contrast from the legendary town just on the other side of Mont Blanc.

This is a selection of the best tours that you can do from Les Contamines and there is everything from a 2 day high mountain adventure through to mellow, beginner ski tours.

If the crowds of Chamonix are starting to get a bit too much or you just want a change of scene, get in the car and make the short trip to Les Contamines for a peaceful and scenic week of ski touring.

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