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Finding the line in Paccaly

The Ski Touring Hidden Gems of the Haute Savoie

The Haute Savoie is home to some of the best (and best known) ski areas in the World, but there are still some lesser known gems out there...

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Also in Haute-Savoie, France

Finding the line in Paccaly
Finding the line in Paccaly Photo: Duncan McCallum


Given that it is home to the highest mountain in the Alps, a vast array of lifts and mountain huts and some charming alpine villages, the Haute Savoie is an understandably popular destination for skiers. The price paid for so much accessible and high quality skiing is that routes can often be busy, and finding solitude is not always straightforward.

That's where these routes come in; they are easy to find and nestled in amongst much better known neighbours. There's no guarantee that they'll be empty, but they should at least provide slightly more peace and serenity than the more famous lines of the Haute Savoie. They also offer exceptional skiing and fabulous high mountain views.

There are 7 lines in this guidebook so particularly motivated ski mountaineers might aim to do them all in a week!

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