Switzerland's Best Secret: The Haute Route Imperiale

The "Royal" Ski Tour from the tranquil Val d'Anniviers to Zermatt.

Ski Touring Difficult, Severe

Arriving at the Col Durand on the final day.
Arriving at the Col Durand on the final day. Photo: Franco Pecchio


Covering much of the same terrain as the Tour du Ciel (albeit in the opposite direction), this is a wild and scenic tour through some of Switzerland's most beautiful mountains. It starts in the peace and quiet of the Val d'Anniviers (the valley that leads to the well known ski area of Zinal) and over 5 days takes you closer and closer to the Matterhorn until you ski right underneath it.

The huts en route are wild but welcoming, the skiing exciting without being scary, and the views are utterly epic throughout.

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