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The 10 Best Steep Ski Lines in Chamonix

The very best lines in the Mecca of big mountain skiing, this is what a steep skier's dream winter looks like.

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Severe, Extreme

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Listing great ski descents in Chamonix is a potentially endless task but even in this most famous of valleys, some routes stand out above the rest. Here they are.

By Chamonix standards, none of these descents are cutting edge but by any measure they are all serious and command respect. Skiing them will take you all over this rightly revered mountain valley and will demand you to possess a wide range of skills, from the skiing itself through to abseiling and cramponing. Beyond the hard skills, deciding when to ski each of these lines requires expert judgement and decision making.

Getting these ticked off in a single week might just be possible given exceptional conditions and motivation, but even getting them done over the course of a season would be a superb achievement for any serious skier.

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