Chamonix's Ultimate Steep Skiing Ticklist

5 of the meanest lines in the world's craziest ski town.

Freeride Skiing, Ski Touring Extreme

Ross Hewitt psyched to be getting ready to ski.
Ross Hewitt psyched to be getting ready to ski.


A list for heroes to aim for and mortals to dream of, skiing one of these lines would be a lifetime goal for most steep skiers. Getting the perfect combination of acclimatisation, partners, and conditions required to ski any of these lines is tricky, and only the truly elite have ticked all 5.

Each of these lines is a major undertaking, so wait until you are confident in your ability and the snow conditions before contemplating any of them. If the stars do align and you are able to descend one of these lines, expect big exposure, huge views, and a real sense of adventure.

Chamonix is considered the Mecca of steep skiing, and these lines are amongst the most famous and revered of all. Good luck!

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