FATMAP by Strava


Forget the satisfaction of earning your turns, these routes are pure lift-accessed, Type-1 fun. As an added bonus, ticking these routes off will take you to some of the best and most famous mountain towns in the world.

If you ski all of these lines you'll have visited the legendary peaks of the Mont Blanc range, the wild and intimidating mountains of La Grave, lesser known ski areas in Switzerland, Austria and Slovakia, the high altitude resorts of Colorado and you'll even have skied in Australia!

Narrowing down all the lift-accessed ski lines in the World to just 10 is tough, and what should and shouldn't be included in this list is likely to spark some passionate debate. What is indisputable is that these lines all provide fantastic skiing, epic scenery and a good excuse to travel to some awesome mountain ranges.

Before you set off on this epic journey pack fat skis, alpine bindings, and strong thighs!

Routes included

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