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Great conditions midway down.

La Grave Classics

A tiny village, one cable car and completely untamed mountains... Welcome to La Grave.

Freeride Skiing Difficult, Severe

Also in Isère, France

Great conditions midway down.
Great conditions midway down. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


The mecca for wild, untamed skiing, La Grave should be on the hit-list for any serious skier. When you do get there, these lines will give you a good insight into what the area is all about; they are typically exciting, aesthetic and awe inspiring.

The potential for skiing in La Grave is limited only by your imagination and ability, but consider these 5 lines an introduction to just what is on offer in this truly unique place. If you come to La Grave for a weekend it's possible to tick all of these off in 2 (busy) days but don't worry, there will still be plenty more to go at on your next visit...

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