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Perfect powder on the top section.

7 of Tirol's Best Freeride Lines

The Austrian region of Tirol is home to over 75 ski areas, so there's no shortage of amazing ski lines to go at!

Freeride Skiing Difficult, Severe

Perfect powder on the top section.
Perfect powder on the top section. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Narrowing down the best freeride lines in the Tirol is a bit of a challenge given the vast number of world-class ski descents that the area is home to, but we're mountain people - we like a challenge!

Spread out across the region, these lines are actually all quite close together as the crow flies, but the complex series of valleys that makes up the Tirol means that trying to ski them all in a week is a pretty good adventure, and will enable you to see a huge amount of this glorious mountain region.

There's nothing too difficult in here but to tick all 7 you'll need to be a strong skier, able to function in and move through all sorts of mountain terrain. The reward for your efforts is a week of skiing you are unlikely to ever forget!

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