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One last run at the end of the day.

The Finest Freeride Lines at Austria's Highest Ski Resort

Kühtai is a legendary ski area which, at 2020m, is the highest in the whole of Austria. Here are the lines you just have to ski when you pay a visit.

Freeride Skiing Easy, Moderate, Difficult

One last run at the end of the day.
One last run at the end of the day. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


With terrain facing every aspect and all of it lying well above 2000 metres, Kühtai is a place where you can virtually guarantee you'll find some powder.

Much of the terrain is open and adventurous skiers will be rewarded with almost endless lines. Every time you ski in Kühtai you seem to find another little gem, and the routes described here should be considered the entry points to a resort that just keeps on giving.

None of the runs described here are long or extremely challenging but all are fun and likely to put a smile on your face. Kühtai in a nutshell, in other words!

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