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First into the line on a powder day.

Hochfügen's Most Epic Freeride Lines

Less than 2 hours south of Munich is Hochfügen - a freerider's paradise with skiing to suit all tastes and conditions.

Freeride Skiing Difficult, Severe, Extreme

First into the line on a powder day.
First into the line on a powder day. Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Hochfügen is a hidden gem of a ski area, unknown even to many residents of nearby Munich and Innsbruck. The "village" (which is little more than a couple of hotels) can either be reached by driving up to it on a snowy track, or by skiing in from the main Hochzillertal ski area. Either way, Hochfügen is not the kind of place you stumble upon by accident and this may explain its relative anonymity.

Once you do find yourself there, you will be welcomed by some of the best freeride terrain in Austria, with everything from open faces to narrow couloirs and perfectly spaced trees. These 6 lines will take you to the main zones around the resort and will give you a sample of what can be found as you explore further and deeper into the Hochfügen backcountry.

If you dive deeper into the Zillertal there is yet more freeriding to be had -



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