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The Best Beginner Ski Tours in the Alps

Despite their reputation for "steep and deep" skiing, there's plenty of fantastic easier ski tours in the Alps too.

Ski Touring Easy, Moderate

Also in Tirol, AustriaSavoie, France

Refuge de la Leisse Ski Tour


Sitting at home and reading about the exploits of legendary skiers on high, wild mountains, it can easy to get psyched out by ski touring in the Alps before even getting there. And whilst there is plenty of exciting terrain all along this most famous of mountain chains, there's also a huge amount of easy, low-stress ski tours too.

This list represents a sample of those easier tours and hopefully demonstrates how geographically and topographically diverse mellow ski terrain is in the Alps. Now all that's left to do is to get hold of some touring kit, learn some skills and get skinning!

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