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The Wildspitze in perfect ski condition.

Climb Tirol's Highest Peak on The Ötztal Ski Traverse

A classic ski touring loop which takes in the highest mountain in the Tirol.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

The Wildspitze in perfect ski condition.
The Wildspitze in perfect ski condition. Photo: Johannes Schwanbeck


There is much to recommend about the crossing of the Ötztal Alps - the comfortable huts, the beautiful scenery and the elegance of the route which culminates in a famous and sought after peak.

Starting in Vent (at the end of the Ötztal valley) this trip feels wild before you've even left the carpark; the scenery is huge and yet the village feels small and other-worldly. Once underway with the tour you will be exploring huge, open glaciers and little known mountains which enjoy fabulous views.

The high point of the adventure, literally and figuratively, is the ascent of the Wildspitze - the highest peak in Tirol and the second highest in Austria. From the summit you can savour the moment and then it is downhill all the way back to a beer and a shower in Vent.

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