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As good as it gets!

6 of the Best Ski Tours from Axamer Lizum & Schlick 2000

Use the lift systems in 2 of Tirol's best ski areas to access some amazing ski tours.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

As good as it gets!
As good as it gets! Photo: Charlie Boscoe


Axamer Lizum & Schlick 2000 are both famous for their superb lift served freeriding but there's more to them than that, as you'll discover as you work your way through this guidebook.

Both resorts provide access to some amazing high mountain terrain and for those armed with the skills, equipment and fitness to ski tour, there is a lifetime's exploration to be done starting from the 2 areas. The undoubted highlight of this guidebook is the Kalkogel Loop which starts in Axamer Lizum, takes you over to Schlick 2000 and then all the way to the Kemater Alm right below where you started the day. In order to tick it you'll need perfect weather, stable snow conditions and a bit of determination!

If all this ski touring is tiring you out, check out our guidebook to the freeriding at Axamer Lizum & Schlick 2000 here -


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