4 Mind Blowing Multi Day Ski Tours near Munich

Munich is one of the few cities in the World where - in the space of a week - you can combine a few days of city life with an epic multi day ski tour!

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult, Severe

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Truly wild ski mountaineering on the way up the Birkkarspitze
Truly wild ski mountaineering on the way up the Birkkarspitze Photo: Charlie Boscoe


For even the most cultured of mountain lovers, a week in a city can feel a long time. If you find yourself in Munich, the good news is that you can soak in some city culture and then, within a few hours, be strapping your skis on for a multi day adventure in the mountains!

Listed here are 4 famous ski tours, all of which can be reached in a few hours from Munich. There are the "big 3" of Austrian hut-to-hut tours - The Stubai, Silvretta and Ötztal traverses - and also a relatively short but utterly wild crossing of the Karwendel mountains from Innsbruck to southern Bavaria.

On the "big 3" traverses the mountain huts are staffed and well stocked with good, hearty food. In order to cross the Karwendel you'll need to be a little more self sufficient, but that only adds to the adventure.

If you tick all 4 of these tours you can consider yourself in an elite group of Munich ski tourers!

  • The 3 longer tours are described in individual guidebooks which can be found here -




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