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Piz Palu from the W side in the summer

Climb the Alps' Easternmost 4000er: The Piz Bernina Tour

5 days of high altitude ski touring which take in some of the finest summits in the Eastern Alps.

Ski Touring Difficult

Also in Sondrio, Italy

Piz Palu from the W side in the summer
Piz Palu from the W side in the summer Photo: Jon Morgan


Starting and finishing in the Swiss village of Pontresina, this is a connoisseur's ski tour. With the exception of the Piz Bernina itself (the Easternmost 4000 metre peak in the Alps) the summits and cols that this tour traverses are not famous but they really ought to be; they are big, beautiful and ideal for ski mountaineering.

The tour passes through the mountains of the Engandine region which, after the Mont Blanc Massif, has the highest independent elevation in the Alps (from valley to summit). This gives the tour a wild feel despite the fact that it is accessed from a large commercial ski area.

Much of the terrain is serious and requires excellent ski mountaineering skills but if you have the pre-requisite fitness, skill and acclimatisation to complete this trip, it is a truly unforgettable journey.

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