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Skinning up to Piz Kesch in perfect weather

Ski Tour Romansch Switzerland : The Albula Alps Traverse

A beautiful 6 day ski tour through a truly unique part of Switzerland.

Ski Touring Moderate, Difficult

Skinning up to Piz Kesch in perfect weather
Skinning up to Piz Kesch in perfect weather Photo: Matteo Leoni


Despite their proximity to Davos and St Moritz - 2 of the most famous and glitzy ski resorts in the World - the Albula Alps are remarkably quiet and seemingly unaffected by the modern world. The mountains there are high, wild and beautiful, the snowfall reliable and the weather generally better (thanks to a favourable microclimate) than in many surrounding ranges.

The Albula region is also completely unique because it is the only part of Switzerland where the ancient language of Romansch is the native language, spoken on a daily basis by the locals. The Romansch culture has also given the Albula area some picturesque and unusual architecture, as well as a cuisine all of its own.

As if cultural interest, excellent food and reliable conditions weren't enough, the area is also home to some epic skiing. The proximity of so many famous resorts means that you can spend a few days getting your ski legs and then embark on this wonderful 6 day trip through one of the Alps' last great wildernesses.

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