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Looking down on the Rifugio Fanes

Big views, Big Challenges : Tough Rides in the Dolomites

3 major biking adventures in the heart of the Ladin Dolomites!

Mountain Biking Difficult

Also in Bozen, Italy

Looking down on the Rifugio Fanes
Looking down on the Rifugio Fanes Photo: Paul Barker Hemings


The Dolomites, particularly the area around the Alta Badia valley, has something for just about every biker, from easy cruises - /discover/guidebook/19949 - to fun singletrack adventures - /discover/guidebook/19955 - and finally long enduro rides like the ones described in this guidebook.

Of the 3 routes in here, it's pretty clear which is the easiest - the wonderful trip up to Sasso Pordoï and down to Arabba - and which is the toughest; the enormous loop around and into the wild Fanes National Park. The middle ride, beneath Sas dla Crusc, is no pushover either.

Put simply, this is the guidebook for fit and highly motivated riders who arrive in the Dolomites with a perfect weather forecast waiting for them. Even then, doing these 3 rides on successive days would be an absolute mission; doing the first couple then taking a rest day before the final trip is well advised, and there are no shortage of good chilled options nearby to fill your rest day with!

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