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The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Vinschgau

The scenery and singletrack in Vinschgau is to die for!

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This destination is framed by the gorgeous Sesvenna mountain range on one side and the Oetztaler Alps and the Ortler group on the other. The scenery is made up of three mountain chains which offer some of the highest peaks in the whole Eastern Alps region. It is easy to understand why the Vinschgau Valley has so many bike trails at all altitudes - from very easy loops down in the valley to really high alpine missions. This destination in South Tyrol is often visited by mountain bikers and other cyclists looking for a tailor-made cycling vacation - from beginners to experts.

The reason why Vinschgau offers trails for every different riding level and riding style, such as cross country riders, downhill riders, enduro and all-mountain riders, stems from its more than 80 cycling routes. These routes include cycling paths down in the valley, which are ideal for families, beginners, and gravel bikers. In addition to of the endless enduro trails and high alpine possibilities in the lower Vinschgau, Reschen pass near the Austrian border offers tons of trails to choose from. Here you'll find the famous 3 Länder Enduro Trails park with its 56km of trails in three different countries: Italy, Austria, and Switzerland. This bike park is not only known for its technical and natural trails, but also for the amazing landscape over the Reschensee, and its beaches—the perfect place to lie down after a whole day of riding in the park.

The combination between these numerous cycling paths and a railway crossing the valley from top to bottom makes commuting between trails and villages really easy. Riders can take advantage of the public transportation very easily.

Vinschgau is not only famous for mountain biking, but it also offers a wide range of routes for road biking too, such as the long cycle path along the Adige River and the great Stelvio Pass. The Adige River is perfect for an easy spin. Stelvio Pass, with 48 hairpin bends and a difference in altitude of 1,869m+, is a real challenge for every cyclist and definitely one of the most ridden climbs in the Alps.

Vinschgau has a dry climate. Sunny days in the Vinschgau Valley are really common, and the mountain bike season runs from March to the end of November, depending on the snow situation in the high alpine. Even when the alpine trails are covered in snow, you can still often ride the trails at lower elevations.

Obviously, as with every biking destination in Italy, there are also plenty of opportunities to stop for a coffee or to enjoy a traditional meal. You will definitely notice the huge number of apple plantations because Vinschgau is the biggest apple producer in Italy. It also has the highest quality apples - enjoying an after ride apfelstrüdel is highly recommended!

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