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6 Ways to Experience the Lakes of Cancano

The Lakes of Cancano are an extraordinarily beautiful place, and a must for all adventurers visiting the Sondrio area.

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The Lakes of Cancano appear like a mystical world, sitting at almost 2000m on the Cancano Plateau in the isolated Fraele Valle. The recipe is simple: two bright blue lakes, big mountains, and large open sky, but when they're combined, the effect is sublime.

The 3000er peaks surrounding the lakes are part of the Western Rhaetian Alps. All are formed of the same flinty grey rock, but each mountain maintains its own distinct character. Some have soft ripples of sediment cascading off them, others are all harshly cut triangles and jagged lines. The whole scene, together with the piercing blue lakes, will make you stop in your tracks multiple times with awe.

The area around the Cancano Lakes is laced with a range of excellent routes from family-friendly hikes intense mountain biking tours.

You can approach the lakes from the directions of Bormio and Livigno. It's around a one hour drive from both places, and there are regular buses. Dive into this guidebook to explore all the adventure options!

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