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Run Superb Ligurian Singletrack near Finale Ligure, Italy

These three trail runs offer a surprisingly diverse set of options for trail running near Finale Ligure.

Trail Running Moderate, Difficult

Manie Loop
Photo: Greg Heil


Finale Ligure is best-known for its beautiful white sand beaches and historic town center. During the summer, tourists flock to Finale to relax on the shores of the Mediterranean, enjoy delicious Ligurian cuisine, and tour the historic sites. While Finale Ligure isn't well-known as a trail running destination, it does serve as an ultra-popular destination for both mountain bikers and rock climbers, and during certain times of year the town can be flooded with outdoor enthusiasts.

While of course the mountains are filled with trails, most of the trails are also filled with mountain bikers during the peak spring and fall riding seasons. While that shouldn't necessarily deter you, simply be aware of the potential for heavy trail traffic as you head out into the hills to go running.

Included in this guidebook are three beautiful runs in all three directions from Finale Ligure: up the coast in the Manie area, down the coast on Monte Caprazoppa next to town, and heading back into the mountains away from the sea. Whatever your pleasure, one of these runs guaranteed to satisfy your trail running desires!

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