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Dolomiti Paganella Bike: A Bike Park for Everyone!

Three bike zones connected through lifts provide more than 80 kilometers of singletrack.

Mountain Biking Easy, Moderate, Difficult, Extreme

Photo: Francesco Drago


The Dolomiti Paganella area is located in the region of the stunning Brenta Dolomites, where amazing summits and rock faces filled with history look down on stunning forests. The clear water of Molveno Lake gives you the chance to enjoy an all-encompassing natural holiday, from challenging hikes and summits, to chilling at the lakeside, mountain bike riding, and many more activities. The destination has designed its facilities specifically to welcome families and children, opening up the outdoors to the whole family.

The wildlife offers a wide range of rare species such as wolves, brown bears, and many more. It's an incredible experience to bump into some of these species, but it's probably a better idea to just see some of the paw prints instead!

Dolomiti Paganella Bike Park has quickly become a famous destination for all types of mountain biking in the Alps, from cross-country to downhill riding. More than 400 kilometers of various trails welcome all the different riders in the heart of Brenta Dolomites. When it comes to lift-accessed trails, you could experience almost 100 kilometers of trails in three different bike zones, all of which are accessible with one ticket and connected to each other by lifts and trails: the Molveno Zone, the Andalo Zone, and the Fai Zone. This makes Dolomiti Paganella Bike one of the most spectacular bike resorts in Europe.

The area offers all different kinds of trails: 11 shaped trails in the bike park and 12 natural shared-use singletrack trails for those who want to experience more enduro-oriented riding. This is why the area is beginner-friendly, thanks to its green and blue lines, but also interesting for advanced and pro riders with the black lines in the park and the natural and technical trails connecting the different zones. This variety also gives you the chance to experience every kind of feature, from natural ones to jumps, drops, and wooden walls.

Dolomiti Paganella is definitely a must-visit not only for mountain biking, but for multiple holiday activities!

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